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Why is word press free? What are the costs? What is the catch?

Blogging these days has become the most profitable business. Over the past few years the involvement into blogging and content writing has undergone a significant change.
“Power of words” is what it takes to make your business successful these days. The words have brought the world closer. All you need to do is to put your feelings into exact words. This holds utmost importance. Your content must be appealing and must possess an ability to empathize with the reader’s intellect in order to connect to him.
Word press is one such software which has all content management activities under its umbrella. And you will be astonished to know that in the world like today; where nothing comes for free word press is an exception.
Wordpress is getting too popular among the audience these days. However, the story at the behind is completely different. Even now when they come to know that the software comes for free they are astounded.
This article would take into consideration the entire concept of word press and the cost involved in operating upon it. To introduce you with Word Press is the open software which provides its users with all kind of freedom when it comes to modification of content without charging a single penny for the software given. However, there are certain costs involved when the work goes beyond this.


Why don’t they sell wordpress as the software?

It takes team efforts to achieve what a company desires. Success lies in togetherness. Had the company charged for the services it has been rendering it would have been able to earn hefty amounts and it must have been more profitable than it is today. However, this would have been possible if word press would have been led and managed by a single company or an individual.
Rather, it is a project which is run collectively by more than one lakh people who are endowed with numerous skills and talents. The joint effort and hardwork of all such professionals have been put together to make word press what it is today.
The community has a backbone of core developers who are termed as the project leaders. They are the ones responsible for running and effective functioning of the word press. Regardless of this, the community is open for contributions from everybody. Moreover with effective and continuous participation one can get the opportunity to become the core contributor. The hidden motive behind keeping this software the open source software is its intangibility. As soon as the software is launched its copies are made available at cheaper rates to the others. Hence, the authentication is lost.
If we consider manufacturing of an entire toy and is parts; the costs when calculated can be segregated separately in order to determine the margin of profit that the seller could keep to reap benefits. However, the same is not the case with the process of software creation. Declining profit margin with every fresh copy sold is still a “myth”.


How do people make money with word press?

The primary source of income from the open software like this is the products and services they deal in.
The most common mistake that the people make is to use word press and synonymously. Word press offers free blogging to its users. A company named Automattic was launched by the co- founding developer, Matt Mullenweg which offers free blogging to its userupto some extent. However, if you wish to enjoy complete access to the services you need to pay around $3250 per month. Over the years, advancement has been seen in the software. The chain of developers have been actively involved in reaping multi-dollar businesses out of it by introducing the plugins,commercial themes and much more.
Sucuri is famous in the market for providing optimal security solutions.
Awesome Motive is another good example of a multi-dollar company concentrated around word press. It is known for managing various word press plugins
IThemes is responsible for managing the BackupBuddy plugin.
An elegant theme is the face behind the renowned drag and drop page builder.
Apart from this, it is a tested fact that experienced developers make a good amount of regular income by providing clients with customised websites, applications and plugins.

Is word press copyright free?

WordPress enjoys no copyright. It is designed in a manner which allows everyone to use it. It rather licences them to use it. However, the contributions received from the users are copyrighted. In addition to this, the copyright enjoyed is only in terms of modification and the user only enjoys the permission to redistribute the GPL code. Even the themes and the images present are licensed under this code.
The content presented on word press is not licensed until and unless it forms to be one of the derivative works of word press.

Word press Trademark

As the software the code comes under the license of GPL. However, expressions like Word Camp, Word Press and Word Press Logo fall under the trademark which is exclusively owned by the Word press foundation. The trademark policies are crystal clear and the businesses running around word press tend to follow their trademark policies.

Cost of using word press

However, there is no cost involved in downloading and using the software. But, if you wish to do so over the web you need to take help from word press hosting which would include the cost of hosting and the domain. The word press hosting providers suggest a domain name and web hosting that can be purchased at a minimum cost of $ 3.95 per month. Apart from this there are certain costs related to additional word press themes. Another cost can be of purchasing a plugin to ensure regular upgradation. However, this may not be always necessary. The users have a wide variety of free options to choose from that they may not even require going for paid features.

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