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Understanding of SEO

Understanding of SEO

In today’s era if you want to make the most out of your business then the chances are very null that you won’t head for search engine optimization. SEO helps you to reach a wider audience, thus, resulting in your benefit. Bloggers and webmasters very much thrive on it. Now let’s put some light on the exact meaning of SEO.

What is the simplest way to describe SEO?

Search engine optimization is nothing, but a set of rules that can and should be followed by bloggers and website owners to boost up their reach. It is a seo and blog in which they optimize their websites or blog in a way that makes it suitable for search engines. The optimization automatically improves their ranking, and helps them to bring a bigger and better audience to their website. Apart from it, SEO makes their website a good stop for the audience by making it user-friendly. Keep one thing in mind that SEO may look complex at times as there are plethora of guidelines to follow and the whole process is fragmentized into different stages, but I don’t see why you won’t succeed if you do it rigorously.

Why SEO possesses so much importance?

As I mentioned before in today’s time if you want to reach a bigger set of audience then search engine optimization is something which should be definitely in your arsenal. Everyday search engines serve innumerable of users, and majority of them hardly pay any need to suggestions which are not in top 5. So, it goes without saying that for a respectable traffic to your website you need to crack down into top 5 suggestions.

Users heavily rely on search engines, and if you manage to get into their sight from which I mean getting into the top positions there is a golden chance for you to earn the trust of the user. One of the biggest examples of it is Wikipedia. Though, in the end the quality of your content is always decisive, but a good ranking always assists you in getting a better traffic.

SEO is something which can do your good in the way of social promotion as well. Imagine a member of some working group gets to your site with the help of search engine, and likes your content. There is a good chance that he/she will share the link of your website to the other group members and perhaps on his/her social media accounts too. It will boost up your reach to a great extent.

Remember one thing that users are not interested in wasting their time one a website which isn’t user friendly. There is hefty chance that once you piss them off by bad usability he/she might never visit your site again. SEO is a seo and blog that helps you to avoid this situation by enhancing the user experience.

Search engine optimization can help you in having an edge over your competitor. If some other website is selling the similar product to yours then definitely the optimized site will have a better sale.

If you own a big website then SEO is not an option but a necessity for you as it will provide a great assistance in the smooth running of the website.

Basics of SEO for beginners

To beginners SEO may look somewhat like rocket science, but as I said it’s just a seo and blog increase the ranking of your website to get more traffic. When you perform a search on Google or some other search engine the order of the returning results is decided by some complex algorithms. The algorithms take numerous factors into consideration before selecting the order of different web pages.

Now we shall discuss about the prominent stages of search engine optimization process.

Let me make this easier for. SEO is of two types.

  1. On-site SEO
  2. Off-site SEO

Now let’s dig deeper in these stages of search engine optimization.

On-site SEO

There are plenty of ways you can tread on to increase your google visibility. So let’s discuss some of them to increase your understanding of on-site SEO.

  1. Page titles and description

Page titles: I would rate page titles as one of the most crucial aspects of SEO and make a mental note that underrating it can turn out to be disastrous.

The most important characteristics of an optimized page title are:

  1. The title should be unique, and compromising the accuracy of title which describes the content should not be the way to sustain its uniqueness.
  2. Okay, it may sound tricky but you have to be brief and descriptive both at the same time.
  3. Explain to the viewer that what your page is really about.


Home page title: The title of your homepage should include the name of your business or website. The other information to enhance the viewer’s understanding should also get the inclusion there. Adding the physical location details is optional, but do add your business specialities and offerings.


The page description Meta tag is also very much important. It helps to give user, Google and other search engines information that what your page is about.

The guidelines for writing a good description are:

  1. Always provide a different description for all the pages, posts and products on your website.
  2. The recommended size of the description is 140-150 characters so better don’t exceed it.
  3. Don’t repeatedly use the title in your description.
  4. Adding more keywords than required is also bad.
  5. Your description is a way to advertise your page to the user so keep in mind while writing it.


  1. Breadcrumbs

It is a set of links which aids the navigation so make sure you have it. If you are a WordPress user than congratulations you can have it for free as there are many free plugins to create it.


 There are many other rules to optimize your page speed like:

  • Internal links
  • Permanent link structure
  • Text formatting, and use of H1, H2 and H3
  • Get links from other website
  • Mobile-friendly websites
  • Use sitemap
  • Prioritize the quality of content


 These are some tweaks which you can apply for better visibility on the search engines. Apart from it, they’ll also help you to increase the usability and credibility of your website.

In addition to above guidelines, the structure of the website is something that also plays a vital part for SEO purposes. Taking these factors into consideration is your choice, but if you do take them then there is nothing you would need more to earn the trust of search engines.

Off-site SEO

There isn’t any need to gain complete dependency on the on-site SEO. You can rank your web page higher in SERP’S by using some off-site SEO techniques as well.

In general, search engines are trying to find most important pages of web so that they can show them first when a user enters a query.

Number of incoming links, play a huge part in deciding the number on which the website will be displayed.

Incoming links symbolizes trust, but they’ll only benefit you if they are coming from a trusted source. If they are paid link or are coming from link farm then they might affect your website ranking in a negative way as well.

Content is the ultimate king

You might improve your ranking on search engines, but it won’t help you if your content sucks. With the bad content your website will surely die in sometime. So quality of your content should be your priority first. SEO will do the job to provide the much needed boost to it.

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