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Top WordPress Themes

WordPress is a dream platform for innumerable writers and developers. According to some reports WordPress sees 80% of the overall internet traffic which is a huge number. It helps the users to showcase their skills to a bigger set of audience. However, if you want to make the most out of WordPress there are few things you need to keep in mind. Those few things will certainly help you to nurture the reach of your work. One of the examples of it is themes. WordPress offers plethora of themes to the users, and each theme has its own specifications. So let’s study them in some depth.
If you want to market your product or services then this theme is perfect for you. The theme was made help the businessmen and freelancers reach out to a bigger audience. The theme impresses the clients who visit your website to get some knowledge about the specifications of your product, and speciality of your services. You can do some tweaks to it in the customization menu so that along with the clients it pleases you as well.

It is a multi-purpose theme. Here also you can do some tweaks to shape it according to your preference. If you are not much interested in delving deeper into technical stuff then you can go with it as WordPress eases the pressure of the user by taking the load of technical jargon. The theme is mobile friendly which helps to increase the views as major share of the users operate WordPress from their phone nowadays. Apart from it, the theme is compatible to many popular plugins.
Changing themes every year can be tiresome, but you have do it because you don’t want to leave a bad impression on the visitor for using a outdated theme. This thing might look a bit inconsequential, but it holds great importance. Using this theme will reduce your effort, and it won’t look out of trend unlike other themes that lose their charm after sometime. Bloggers, this one should end your search for a perfect theme.
SKT full width

This theme is ideal for the people who have more work of displaying the pictures on their site rather than writing. You can add caption of the photographs through overlay text. Just bear one thing in mind that the pictures quality should be worthy enough to be exhibited on screens.
If your site’s homepage demands to be descriptive then this theme can be of some help for you. Origin manages the content in such a well manner so that it doesn’t look messy. The theme organizes your content so that a lot of words don’t reduce readability. Remember, no one wants to read hell lot of words without a break in the written text.

This theme is especially for illustrators, photographers, and artists. It assists them to showcase their work in the most amazing way. The theme is of grid style. While the visitor is looking at one picture the other pictures are presented at a side to enhance the visitor’s knowledge about the quality of your work.
Future lite

Creative agencies and freelancers crave for a theme like this. It readily adapts every screen-size in which the user opens the site. The beautification of theme is bound to impress every visitor. The retina display is there to enhance the level of its features. The theme can be used for more than one purpose, and it comes with a custom menu, sidebar, extraordinary typography and a built in pagination feature.
It is a decent looking blog magazine theme, an ideal choice for the people who don’t like beating around the bush. A straight to the point content is all they demand. Developers have put some extra effort in coding to ensure that the theme performs optimally whenever someone opens the website. The home page is designed in such a way that the user doesn’t have to worry as just dragging and dropping will suffice.
This one is my favourite. It is an outstanding theme for storytellers. The theme is created to be compatible with Aesop Story Engine plugin. You will get different mesmerizing style. There is no such need for any extra configuration. The theme will double up the benefits for readers as nothing can beat the combo of perfectly penned words and a fabulous theme. It will certainly take the readers amazement to a whole new level.
TA Dailyblog

It is a decent them with full optimization for every device. The theme is ideal for the people who treat blogging just as a hobby, nothing more. They can mould it to make a travel blog or a food blog or perhaps anything else. We have already talked about its flexibility so to add it up, it also offers 16 different schemes. Apart from this the theme is user and SEO friendly. There is nothing you can ask for more.
This theme is an epitome of versatility. You can use it for a blog, e-commerce website or for marketing any of your service. Nictitate can be shaped to become suitable for any type site. No matter how you use it, but the class in this theme will be retained.
It helps you to create a unique website. The theme is very much responsive and can leave a long-lasting impression on anyone. Feel free to customize various aspects like header image, layout, site width etc according to your own preference. To save the things from getting confusing there is an in-built option for placing, images, videos, audios and links in different folders.
Themes like this never get the praise they deserve. Meeta may look plain and blunt but it can assist in many ways. First of all, kind of similar to Nictitate, this theme too can be mould in to become suitable for your content. It is a responsive and customizable template. A decent theme like this never gets old.


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